Basic Package Options 



2 Hour onsite  Interview/ maximum 60 minutes captured.


Edit and produce final piece:


Promotional discounts may apply. Contact for seasonal coupons for valuable savings. 


Maximum 3 people in final compilation.



Includes Intro text, background music of your choice.

Voiceover Narration $40 per spoken minute additional (not discountable)

Scanning photos and including recommended. If you provide scanned images they will be added at no charge. If we scan, add $2 per photo.


** Additional onsite filming...... $150 per hour (in the event we do a location shoot, favorite, memorable location)

*** Additional travel  to be quoted separately.


Memory video is filmed and edited differently than commercial footage. With Memory VIdeo we are capturing a complete conversation capturing the person/s just as they talk, complete with their own uniqueness. The result will be to watch and say, "that is him/her exactly!"


We aren't judging correctness, or what a particular message is because there isn't one. Memory video isn't designed to sell or promote anything, other than capturing the person/s just as they are, and ultimately their story.


Product will be professionally packaged and presented. Additional copies can be purchased separately.

Basic Package Price $695


Custom prices can be requested as well.

There is always questions so Click here to contact me.


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