I Will Always Remember...



Why is it that so many times as we reminisce about a loved one that has left us we just can't get beyond the sadness. We want them there again with us, to talk to, to listen to, and to share our lives just as they had prior to their passing.

Repeatedly, we  dig out the pictures, try to relive the past events with the same emotion and excitement that they originally held. If we could only hear their voice one more time, or see them smile, or hear that unforgettable laugh or chuckle. 

"What was it that dad or mom always said? If I could just hear that one more time…"

I personally have been there, and am going through that process right now. Maybe you are also. We do get beyond it, and life eventually picks back up where it once left off, and we move forward on to new memories and experiences. 

How do we share these memories with our children, that maybe are too young to know these very special people in our life? How do we capture those laughs, and unique smiles, unforgettable patent gestures that made those people so special to us.

Honor their legacy.

We offer HD video interviewing, edited and produced on DVD for all the members of the family.

We can create a masterpiece, designed with your needs in mind.

Do this for yourself, to pass onto your children or grandchildren. What a wonderful gift to give to a child. A lasting memory of you and who you were, what you loved, where you have been, whatever you would like to say or share, all described by you, and for them. What a gesture of love it would be. 

Contact us today and let's discuss the past, and the future.


This concept occured to me recently upon the passing of my mother. As we looked through pictures, and shared stories about mom, we really didn't have anything solid that could be kept as a lasting memory with her presence. Pictures couldn't fulfill the need to have her around still.


Questions about places and people and events. How she felt about issues, and ideas, so much just left to a weak and mere mortal memory that we held as her children.


We shouldn't wait until the funeral to view pictures and slides about the one that has left us. Let's invite them to talk, and share now! 


Our sole intention is to help you preserve memories of those that you love and to be able to share those memories, and that special person with anyone you wish for an eternity.


Worried about what you will say, or what will be asked? Don't worrry about that! Before your interview, you will be given ample amounts of topic ideas that you will choose from. There will be no surprise questions. You will know exactly what is going to be asked, and in the order that you want to be asked. A talent release will be signed, as well as a written proposal as to what you are wanting done. We ask for a 25% deposit to begin the project.


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